Cape Town Declaration

  • Whereas psychology has the potential to serve as a key driver in human development in our communities, Africa and the world

  • Recognising the critical role of psychology in policy development, advocacy, continuing professional development, teaching, research, publication, outreach services, and other forms of intervention

  • Recognising the strength of psychology as an agent for change, development and empowerment of individuals and communities

  • Recognising the value of mutual collaboration towards the achievement of these goals

Therefore We the undersigned, having attended the 30th International Congress of Psychology (ICP2012) in Cape Town, 22-27 July 2012, commit to the establishment of a Pan-African Psychology Union to promote the development of psychology as a science and practice in our countries, Africa and the world

Vision: A collaborative union of psychological societies in Africa committed to scholarship and human development in our communities, countries, Africa and the world.

Cape Town Declaration