The African Psychologist
Call for Expressions of Interest for the position of Editor 

The African Psychologist (TAP) is the official  – and fully open-access – journal of the Pan-African Psychology Union (PAPU). 

The launch of TAP will realise the first official PAPU journal as a fully open-access, scholarly publication, that is intended to be freely available.

TAP seeks to advance the decolonisation of psychology, African psychology and behavioural science and their various applications, and the general public awareness of psychology in Africa and the diaspora. TAP will publish up to four issues per year and additional special issues where applicable, of which one will be the PAPU Congress Proceedings. TAP will be multidisciplinary, and multilingual, publishing work in psychology and its cognate disciplines. 

TAP will advance the science and applications of psychology in Africa, and will include all areas relevant to human behaviour, by Africans. The African Psychologist will be published in an online-only format, to ensure wide access and dissemination, low environmental impact, and rapid processing of submissions and publication. 

Expressions of Interest are hereby invited for the position of Editor of TAP, for an initial appointment period of three years, commencing in 2024, with the possibility of renewal. 

The Editor determines the contents of the issues, provides consultancy on special issues, and will also be involved in the selection of Associate Editors for specific focus areas, and the recruitment of an editorial team and peer-reviewers. The Editor is expected to appreciate and value the diverse and borderless nature of the discipline, vision and mission of PAPU, that TAP represents.

In addition, the Editor is expected to provide reports on the journal and attend online meetings of the PAPU Board. Candidates for the position of Editor should meet all or most of the following criteria:

  • Be a recognised leader in psychological science in Africa; 
  • have a wide-ranging knowledge of and broad perspective on theoretical and applied psychology, including new scientific perspectives from allied fields, especially areas of research that integrate different aspects of scientific and critical thinking; 
  • have proven skills in planning and conducting research, scientific writing, reviewing for scientific journals, and management; 
  • have a high level of English language competence; French and/or other widely-used languages would be an advantage; 
  • be able to devote the time necessary to fulfil all editorial duties in a timely fashion, including overseeing the editorial team and liaising with the publisher; and 
  • have experience of academic publishing, and a proven publication record.

To apply, please submit the following by 1 June 2024. Informal queries may be made to the President of PAPU before the deadline for Expressions of Interest. Emails in PDF.

Expressions of Interest should include:

A cover letter (two-page 11pt maximum) that includes the following: 

1.A vision statement for TAP; 

2. Overall direction for TAP in the short and longer term, if appointed; and 

3. Relevant expertise and anticipated unique contributions to TAP. 

In addition:

4. A concise Curriculum Vitae (3 pages 11pt maximum), and 

5. A letter confirming membership in a PAPU national member association.

Short-listed individuals will be asked to provide letters of support on their suitability. Brief interviews may be conducted after the closing date of 1 June 2024. 

PDF: The African Psychologist Call for Editor